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Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada


Hespeler was originally part of the land granted to the Six Nations Indians by the British Crown in 1784. The Indians, led by Joseph Brant, decided to sell a part of their grant and had the land surveyed. In 1798 a block of land known as Block 2 and measuring over 90,000 acres was sold to Richard Beasley and his partners who looked to parcel off and resell the land. This land came to the attention of a group of Mennonites in Pennsylvania who were looking for a place to settle.

The first of the Pennsylvanian Mennonites to own land in the Hespeler area was Abraham Clemens who arrived in 1809 having purchased 515 acres from Mr. Beasley. The following year Cornelius Pannabecker, said to be Hespeler's first blacksmith, arrived and sometime thereafter built a forge on his farm in the Beaverdale area.

In 1830 Joseph Oberholtzer purchased a large tract of land from Abram Clemens. This tract included much of the future site of the settlement of Hespeler. At about the same time Mr. Oberholtzer deeded some of this land to his sister Susanna who had recently arrived with her husband Michael Bergey. The Bergey's settled on the land and are considered to be Hespeler's first residents. The settlement's first name, Bergeytown, commemorates their arrival. This name did not last long, however, and by the mid-1830's the settlement was known as New Hope.

It was to the settlement of New Hope that Jacob Hespeler, for whom the town was later renamed, brought many of his hopes and ambitions in 1845. That year Mr. Hespeler purchased a total of 145 acres fronting on the Speed River. He then proceeded to build an industrial complex that would provide the footings for the settlement's later industrial strength.

The incorporation of the settlement of New Hope as the village of Hespeler in 1859 was due, in no small part, to the efforts of Mr. Hespeler and was, in part, made possible by the arrival of the Great Western Railway to New Hope on its route from Galt to Guelph. The presence of railway construction crews in the vicinity of New Hope encouraged Mr. Hespeler to call for a census of the settlement in 1857 hoping to find enough "residents" to qualify for incorporation under the terms of the Ontario Municipal Act of 1849. Incorporation was essential to Mr. Hespeler's plans for the settlement which could then separate from the county and elect its own Council. This Council would then have jurisdiction over all aspects of roads and bridges and a variety of other issues the most important of which were the location of industries and the ability to make provisions for fire protection and public health. The census was duly taken and on July 31, 1858 following which the government of her majesty Queen Victoria proclaimed that the settlement of New Hope would become the incorporated Village of Hespeler effective January 1, 1859. Over the following years the community continued its slow but steady growth and in January 1901, Hespeler attained its new status when it was incorporated as a town.

The town's industrial strength continued throughout the 20th century even though the population remained small reaching the 6,000 level only in the late 1960's. Despite its small size, the town was the home to one of the largest textile producers in the Canada. The general decline of the Canadian textile trade in the years following World War II had a major effect on the town as its largest employer could no longer compete on the world stage. The town was successful in attracting new businesses but remained in the shadow of its larger neighbours. When, in the late 1960's, the provincial government proposed the amalgamation of Hespeler with its larger neighbours Galt and Preston to form a single city, the idea was not well accepted. In the end, however, amalgamation could not be resisted. On January 1, 1973 the Town of Hespeler disappeared as a separate political entity when, along with Galt and Preston it became part of the new City of Cambridge.

- http://cambridgeweb.net/historical/hespeler.html

City/Town : Latitude: 43.430007, Longitude: -80.3088


Matches 1 to 50 of 115

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Sarah E.  1874Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I29815
2 Baer, Ella W.  15 May 1870Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I46745
3 Baer, Samuel  9 Dec 1837Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I15033
4 Bartels, A.A.F.   I55438
5 Bechtel, Lydia B.  15 Nov 1830Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I92922
6 Bechtel, Noah C.  7 Sep 1865Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I16626
7 Bechtel, Solomon  29 Jun 1828Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I15676
8 Brickell, Elvra Alberta  3 Jul 1905Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I263
9 Brix, Shirley Theresa  23 Sep 1927Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I55666
10 Clark, Doris Ann  1919Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I494
11 Clark, Harold  1928Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I73512
12 Clemens, Aaron S.  26 Feb 1828Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I8603
13 Clemens, David M.  26 Jun 1818Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I6623
14 Clemens, Ida Pearl  16 Jul 1895Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I17646
15 Clemens, John S.  3 Dec 1866Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I8643
16 Clemens, John Wesley  26 May 1897Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I17763
17 Clemens, Matilda  6 Oct 1850Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I8627
18 Cutting, Doris May  7 Oct 1928Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I55907
19 Dickson, Ethel Elizabeth  30 Sep 1911Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I46121
20 Dickson, G.   I46155
21 Dickson, Ida May  26 Oct 1899Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I46109
22 Dickson, Jean  Aug 1934Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I46226
23 Dickson, John Thomas  18 Apr 1894Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I46114
24 Dickson, J.   I46158
25 Dickson, Laura Louise  18 Nov 1906Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I46119
26 Dickson, Lloyd Nelson  12 Oct 1895Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I46115
27 Dickson, Margaret Helen  18 Oct 1908Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I46120
28 Dickson, Norman Russell  4 Jul 1901Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I46117
29 Dickson, Robert Roy  17 Aug 1904Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I46118
30 Dickson, Robert Thomas  19 Jan 1924Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I46228
31 Dickson, Wallace Scott  6 Oct 1897Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I46116
32 Dickson, William Wallace  5 Nov 1921Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I46227
33 Eaton, Albert Harvey Warren  9 Nov 1889Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I692
34 Eaton, Edwin Leroy  10 Aug 1889Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I5521
35 Eaton, Elmina  2 Aug 1879Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I258
36 Eaton, Levi Martin  25 Sep 1880Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I5509
37 Eaton, Mervin Osborne  20 Jan 1918Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I267
38 Eaton, Percy James  Abt 1892Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I5522
39 Eaton, Rosamond Sylvanus  27 Dec 1903Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I8263
40 Eaton, Shirley Joyce  14 Feb 1930Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I23803
41 Eaton, Wallace Ross  Abt 1931Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I23802
42 Freeborn, Elma Masie  5 Apr 1914Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I18315
43 Freeborn, Ethel Ruth  Cal 17 Aug 1916Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I21562
44 Freeborn, Morley Neville  22 Sep 1906Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I168
45 Gowing, Charles Albert  2 Nov 1912Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I123304
46 Gowing, Chester  9 Jul 1918Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I123311
47 Gowing, Dortha  Abt 1914Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I123310
48 Gowing, Florence  Abt 1922Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I123314
49 Gowing, John Wesley  20 Jul 1920Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I123312
50 Gowing, Lesley Myrle  14 Sep 1913Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I123321

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Susannah  16 Jan 1876Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I5507
2 Anderson, Sarah E.  Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I29815
3 Bechtel, Mary  13 Aug 1894Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I37532
4 Bechtel, Veronica  19 Dec 1879Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I6746
5 Bergey, Michael H.  22 Dec 1877Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I9737
6 Bergey, Sarah  3 Jul 1913Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I24853
7 Bernhardt, Catherine  5 Jul 1936Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I36004
8 Brickel, John  4 Jul 1905Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I261
9 Brydon, David  1 Mar 1891Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I126521
10 Carr, Edith Elisa  26 Oct 1948Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I120292
11 Cassel, Ephraim  1 Nov 1946Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I65144
12 Chester, Ethel Florence  25 Feb 1934Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I123290
13 Clemens, Abraham C.  Sep 1819Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I1534
14 Clemens, Hannah  5 Jan 1868Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I1533
15 Clemens, Mary  20 Jul 1849Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I10488
16 Clemens, Nathan  11 Nov 1832Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I1531
17 Clemens, Sarah Ann  24 May 1885Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I1536
18 Cober, Rebecca  14 May 1909Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I15492
19 Custer, Mary G.  Sep 1819Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I1529
20 Davis, Isabella  8 Jan 1869Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I5503
21 Dettweiler, Rudolph  18 Mar 1837Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I34255
22 Dickson, Ethel Elizabeth  27 Jan 2000Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I46121
23 Dickson, Ida May  11 Sep 1975Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I46109
24 Dickson, Jean  Oct 1934Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I46226
25 Dickson, John Thomas  8 Sep 1947Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I46114
26 Dickson, Lloyd Nelson  Sep 1979Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I46115
27 Dickson, Norman Russell  16 Oct 1935Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I46117
28 Dickson, Robert Roy  1987Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I46118
29 Dickson, Thomas Henry  3 Mar 1923Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I46112
30 Dickson, Wallace Scott  22 Aug 1916Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I46116
31 Eaton, Anson  26 Aug 1888Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I423
32 Eaton, Elmina  16 Aug 1950Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I258
33 Eaton, Enoch  22 Feb 1930Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I425
34 Eaton, Enoch Edwin  20 Feb 1926Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I5501
35 Eaton, Laura Louisa  3 Nov 1932Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I18097
36 Eaton, Levi  20 Nov 1875Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I5504
37 Eaton, Nelson  3 Mar 1924Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I424
38 Eaton, Wesley  23 Dec 1907Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I253
39 Freeborn, Ethel Ruth  23 Jul 1917Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I21562
40 Freeborn, James Henry  19 Oct 1952Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I289
41 Glendenning, Janet  21 Feb 1889Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I126522
42 Gowing, Charles William  3 Apr 1937Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I123289
43 Gowing, Chester  9 Jul 1918Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I123311
44 Gowing, Lester Earl  15 Aug 1982Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I123336
45 Gowing, Mandy Melvina  16 Jul 1921Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I123067
46 Gowing, William Henry  14 Feb 1934Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I123066
47 Hallman, Caroline  27 Apr 1894Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I37521
48 Hallman, Elizabeth  Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I37523
49 Harvey, William  16 Mar 1904Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I123319
50 Hedges, Fred  1988Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I46162

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Susannah  Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I5507
2 Anderson, Sarah E.  Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I29815
3 Bergey, Isaac  Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I24194
4 Bergey, Joseph H.  Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I9740
5 Bergey, Sarah  Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I24853
6 Brydon, Archibald  Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I22127
7 Brydon, David  Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I126521
8 Buehler, Eldon  Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I72921
9 Chester, Benjamin  8 Sep 1912Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I123291
10 Chester, Ethel Florence  27 Feb 1934Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I123290
11 Clemens, Abraham S.  Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I8637
12 Clemens, Harold Edward  Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I17765
13 Clemens, James Arthur  Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I17644
14 Clemens, Margaret Isabel  Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I17637
15 Clemens, Marion Rebecca  Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I17635
16 Clemmer, Lovina  Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I72925
17 Cober, Jeremiah  Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I1886
18 Cober, Martha  Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I107309
19 Cober, Minnie  Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I1885
20 Cober, Sarah  Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I77671
21 Cober, Solomon  Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I78562
22 Cutting, Doris May  Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I55907
23 Davis, Isabella  Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I5503
24 Dickson, Ida May  13 Sep 1975Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I46109
25 Dickson, Jean  Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I46226
26 Dickson, John Thomas  10 Sep 1947Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I46114
27 Dickson, Lloyd Nelson  Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I46115
28 Dickson, Norman Russell  18 Oct 1935Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I46117
29 Dickson, Robert Roy  Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I46118
30 Dickson, Thomas Henry  5 Mar 1923Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I46112
31 Dickson, Wallace Scott  24 Aug 1916Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I46116
32 Eaton  Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I5508
33 Eaton, Anson  Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I423
34 Eaton, Eddie  Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I1346
35 Eaton, Elmina  19 Aug 1950Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I258
36 Eaton, Enoch  Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I425
37 Eaton, Enoch Edwin  24 Feb 1926Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I5501
38 Eaton, James A.  Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I5505
39 Eaton, Laura Louisa  5 Nov 1932Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I18097
40 Eaton, Levi  23 Nov 1875Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I5504
41 Eaton, Levi Martin  Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I5509
42 Eaton, Lloyd Stanley  Feb 1965Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I698
43 Eaton, Mary Laura  13 Apr 1923Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I5546
44 Eaton, Mervin Osborne  23 Jan 1976Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I267
45 Eaton, Nelson  5 Mar 1924Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I424
46 Eaton, Wesley  Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I253
47 Eaton, Willard Morse  1955Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I697
48 Eaton, William Anson  Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I495
49 Eby, Milton  Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I74112
50 Ellis, David  Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I22147

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Alt. Birth

Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Eaton, Andrew Jackson  7 Sep 1894Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I5523
2 Eaton, Catherine Isabella  Abt 1878Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I5575
3 Eaton, Catherine Isabella  Abt 1878Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I5575
4 Miller, Margaret  Abt 1793Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I6622
5 Panabaker, Ephraim A.  1863Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I15493
6 Panabaker, Nancy Louisa  Oct 1848Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I22070
7 Washburn, Vining  29 Oct 1876Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I496

Alt. Death

Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Death    Person ID 
1 Clemens, Sarah Ann  25 May 1885Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I1536
2 Pannebecker, Abram  3 Jun 1880Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I14653


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Clemens, Cornelia  1911Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I14561
2 Eaton, Edwin Leroy  1901Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I5521
3 Eaton, Elmina  1911Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I258
4 Eaton, Enoch Edwin  1881Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I5501
5 Eaton, Enoch Edwin  1901Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I5501
6 Eaton, Ervin William  1901Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I5520
7 Eaton, Levi Martin  1901Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I5509
8 Eaton, Melvin Sylvester  1881Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I5527
9 Eaton, Melvin Sylvester  1901Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I5527
10 Freeborn, James Henry  1911Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I289
11 Freeborn, Morley Neville  1911Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I168
12 Hagey, Ida M.  1901Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I16457
13 Hubner, Elizabeth  1881Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I255
14 Witmer, Pamela Jackson  1881Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I5502
15 Witmer, Pamela Jackson  1901Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I5502


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 Hubner, Elizabeth  Abt 1899Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I255


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Panabaker, Arnold Tobias  Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I22094
2 Panabaker, David Norman  Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I22100
3 Panabaker, David Norman  Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I22100
4 Panabaker, Ephraim A.  Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I15493


Matches 1 to 50 of 89

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bechtel, Elizabeth  10 Mar 1885Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I16605
2 Bechtel, Veronica  Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I6746
3 Brickel, John  4 Jul 1905Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I261
4 Clemens, Deacon Abram  Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I1537
5 Clemens, Harold Edward  23 Feb 1963Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I17765
6 Clemens, Hester  Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I6626
7 Clemens, John Wesley  23 Feb 1963Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I17763
8 Clemens, Dr. Levi Bowman M.D.  14 Feb 1883Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I16319
9 Clemens, Nancy  Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I1532
10 Clemens, Nathan  Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I1531
11 Clemens, Orval Leroy  Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I17647
12 Clemens, Orval Leroy  8 Sep 1942Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I17647
13 Clemens, Velma Jane  15 Aug 2016Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I14831
14 Clemens, Willis Reid  23 Feb 1963Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I17767
15 Cressman, Elma  30 May 1958Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I9707
16 Cressman, Elma  2 Aug 1962Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I9707
17 Cressman, Verda C.  30 Oct 1965Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I9539
18 Eaton, Alice Louhamma  23 Dec 1907Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I259
19 Eaton, Andrew Jackson  1901Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I5523
20 Eaton, Andrew Jackson  1 Aug 1914Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I5523
21 Eaton, Audrey  24 Nov 1976Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I265
22 Eaton, Catherine Isabella  24 May 1905Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I5575
23 Eaton, Edwin Leroy  9 Jan 1913Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I5521
24 Eaton, Edwin Leroy  1 Aug 1914Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I5521
25 Eaton, Elmina  Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I258
26 Eaton, Elmina  9 Dec 1905Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I258
27 Eaton, Elmina  Dec 1939Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I258
28 Eaton, Enoch  8 Sep 1903Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I425
29 Eaton, Enoch  3 Mar 1924Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I425
30 Eaton, Enoch  22 Feb 1930Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I425
31 Eaton, Enoch Edwin  10 Aug 1889Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I5501
32 Eaton, Enoch Edwin  2 Sep 1894Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I5501
33 Eaton, Ervin William  28 Feb 1912Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I5520
34 Eaton, Herbert  1939Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I701
35 Eaton, Isaac Wesley  8 Sep 1942Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I3388
36 Eaton, Isola Maud  1901Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I5529
37 Eaton, Laura Louisa  8 Sep 1903Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I18097
38 Eaton, Levi Martin  Bef 24 Dec 1902Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I5509
39 Eaton, Levi Martin  27 Dec 1903Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I5509
40 Eaton, Levi Martin  1 Aug 1914Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I5509
41 Eaton, Levi Martin  20 Feb 1926Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I5509
42 Eaton, Lloyd Stanley  1950Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I698
43 Eaton, M.   I266
44 Eaton, Nelson  1883Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I424
45 Eaton, Nelson  Abt 1900Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I424
46 Eaton, Nelson  3 Mar 1924Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I424
47 Eaton, Percy James  1901Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I5522
48 Eaton, Percy James  1 Aug 1914Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I5522
49 Eaton, Wesley  Abt 1853Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I253
50 Eaton, Willard Morse  24 Jun 1908Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I697

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Matches 1 to 50 of 52

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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Berner / Clemens  10 Jun 1950Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada F4076
2 Brickel / Eaton  26 Nov 1902Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada F161
3 Chandler / Kelly   F17180
4 Clemens / Gillies  Abt 1894Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada F4673
5 Clemens / Miller  1813Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada F2408
6 Clemens / Shaw  2 Feb 1893Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada F4278
7 Clemens / Stenhouse  28 Oct 1931Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada F4401
8 Collins / O'Krafka   F17145
9 Dickson / Klein  31 Aug 1940Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada F17148
10 Dickson / O'Krafka  16 Jul 1920Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada F17146
11 Dickson / Washburn  11 Jan 1893Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada F17137
12 Eaton / Jones  1 Jan 1880Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada F236
13 Eaton / Witmer  17 Oct 1876Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada F1768
14 Eaton / Witmer  31 Jan 1912Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada F2756
15 Eaton / Wolfe  9 Jan 1913Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada F2754
16 Farmer / Hunsberger  15 Jun 1898Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada F15133
17 Fisher / Warnholtz  Abt 1942Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada F46640
18 Gilpin / Bartels   F31276
19 Gilpin / Tremain   F31275
20 Gooding / Krupp  21 Aug 1937Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada F46306
21 Gowing / Harvey  12 Sep 1912Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada F46624
22 Hagey / Beaver  7 Nov 1888Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada F13715
23 Hagey / Clemens  18 Apr 1917Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada F5106
24 Hagey / Snyder  12 Jan 1968Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada F14473
25 Harris / Eaton  4 Sep 1907Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada F172
26 Hedges / Dickson  30 Nov 1929Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada F17151
27 Howatt / Snider   F31156
28 Hunsberger / Wildfong  31 Aug 1887Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada F11246
29 Kalbfleisch / Jonas  28 Jun 1899Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada F50193
30 Kelly / Dickson   F17179
31 Lake / Freeborn  31 Aug 1935Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada F4
32 Lambke / Cutting  27 Jun 1948Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada F31085
33 Linton / Cassel  16 Jan 1907Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada F3215
34 McCrudden / Wilson  17 Mar 1972Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada F31110
35 Mosher / Eaton  10 Mar 1909Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada F156
36 Moyer / Snyder  4 Mar 1925Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada F17596
37 O'Krafka / Carr  24 Apr 1914Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada F45424
38 O'Krafka / Lambke   F31119
39 O'Krafka / Ringler  10 Mar 1942Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada F17133
40 O'Krafka / Sequin   F17142
41 Oberholtzer / Snyder  7 Mar 1900Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada F629
42 Panabaker / Anderson  17 Oct 1900Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada F34562
43 Panebaker / Wanner  12 Oct 1847Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada F7503
44 Pannebecker / Dettweiler  Apr 1792Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada F4298
45 Rockola / Clemens  21 Sep 1914Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada F4103
46 Roung / Kemshead  9 Oct 1928Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada F46599
47 Shantz / Snyder  22 Feb 1874Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada F13565
48 Snider / Brix  4 Mar 1950Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada F31154
49 Snider / Lambke   F17242
50 Souder / Eaton  29 Sep 1875Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada F240

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Alt. Marriage

Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Alt. Marriage    Family ID 
1 Berner / Clemens  11 Jun 1950Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada F4076
2 Freeborn / Eaton  1905Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada F9
3 Hunsberger / Wildfong  31 Aug 1887Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada F11246

Marriage License

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Marriage License    Family ID 
1 Eaton / Wolfe  Hespeler/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada F2754

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