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Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada


City/Town : Latitude: 42.9666666666667, Longitude: -82.4


Matches 1 to 29 of 29

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barrett, Charles Thomas  28 Sep 1950Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I14980
2 Clemens, B.L.   I17794
3 Clemens, D.C.   I36106
4 Clemens, K.L. RN   I14978
5 Dunn, Nellie P. S.  Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I83243
6 Geiger, Violet  25 Jan 1908Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I30979
7 Gleeson, Beatrice Frances  24 Dec 1909Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I120269
8 Goodall, George Clarence  23 Feb 1899Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I88194
9 Groh, Russel Albert Jackson  10 Jul 1925Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I21885
10 Hay, Cheryl Jeanne  2 Apr 1949Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I84435
11 Hay, J.F.   I84432
12 Jennings, G.L.   I32382
13 Mills, Helen Anna  25 May 1916Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I84424
14 Mills, Josedph Leland  6 Jan 1890Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I121545
15 Minielly, A.F.   I28775
16 Minielly, R.R.   I28776
17 Neal, Maisie Mary Primrose Theresa Shreaves  29 Oct 1886Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I123485
18 Rawlings, Ella Marion  26 Jan 1919Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I14738
19 Rawlings, Robert  1925Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I17666
20 Rawlings, Ruth Irene  13 Feb 1921Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I14739
21 Robbins, M.C.   I68987
22 Street, Leona Jane  13 Sep 1929Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I17787
23 Taylor, D.W.   I17790
24 Webb, H.R.   I17040
25 Webb, K.   I17044
26 Webb, R.J.   I17038
27 Webb, T.   I17042
28 Wood, G.S.W.   I17048
29 Wood, Stanley Watson  24 Aug 1915Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I17047


Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allan, Anna Elizabeth  7 May 2010Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I125365
2 Ancevicius, Jan  20 May 1978Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I120268
3 Barrett, Charles Thomas  1 Apr 1998Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I14980
4 Bassett, Dorothy  18 Feb 1941Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I124188
5 Bontrager, Mildred June  26 Aug 2007Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I55222
6 Brubacher, Alma  31 Dec 2011Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I77595
7 Calderbank, Jonathan William  29 Aug 1917Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I123385
8 Clemens, John Walter  21 Sep 1956Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I17786
9 Clemens, Walter Brox  3 Jul 1948Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I17755
10 Dew, Frederick James  17 Mar 1972Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I17225
11 Eaton, Donald Leslie  20 Jan 1986Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I120263
12 Erb, Abraham  26 Feb 1901Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I6295
13 Findlay, Grace  16 Dec 1960Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I36848
14 Garrett, Mary Helen  24 Feb 1967Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I84426
15 Gleeson, Beatrice Frances  21 May 1997Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I120269
16 Hay, James Calder  1978Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I84429
17 Hay, Robert James  26 Mar 1953Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I27694
18 Hay, William McDonald  1986Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I84427
19 McIntosh, Karen  23 Apr 2013Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I77540
20 Mills, Josedph Leland  1980Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I121545
21 Mitchel, Gertrude Lydia  1972Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I121546
22 Murphy, Erma Berneda Mary  7 Jul 2009Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I124186
23 Murphy, Hugh  16 Aug 1949Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I124187
24 Rawlings, Ella Marion  30 May 1993Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I14738
25 Rawlings, Ellen Margaret  12 Feb 2001Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I14740
26 Rawlings, Robert  1925Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I17666
27 Rawlings, Ruth Irene  3 Jun 2002Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I14739
28 Rogerson, Elizabeth Mary  22 May 1974Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I17685
29 Sedlmeir, Marianne Katherine  29 Nov 2011Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I120264
30 Street, Leona Jane  27 Jun 1959Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I17787
31 Terry, Irene  2001Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I84430
32 Tremain, Roy Wellington  13 Aug 1991Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I123127
33 Webb, John William  29 Nov 2000Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I17037
34 Wood, Stanley Watson  23 Aug 1995Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I17047


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Allan, Anna Elizabeth  Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I125365
2 Barrett, Charles Thomas  Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I14980
3 Calderbank, Jonathan William  Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I123385
4 Clemens, John Walter  24 Sep 1956Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I17786
5 Hay, Robert Allan  Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I84423
6 Mills, Helen Anna  Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I84424
7 Murphy, Erma Berneda Mary  Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I124186
8 Rawlings, Ella Marion  1 Jun 1993Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I14738
9 Rawlings, Robert  Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I17666
10 Rawlings, Ruth Irene  7 Jun 2002Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I14739
11 Squires, Murray Evan  Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I125366
12 Street, George Edward  25 May 1972Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I17979
13 Street, Leona Jane  Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I17787
14 Webb, John William  2 Dec 2000Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I17037
15 Wood, Stanley Watson  Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I17047


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Clemens, John Walter  1953-1956Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I17786


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 G.   I626
2 Clemens, Jean Margaret  23 Feb 1963Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I17768
3 Clemens, John Walter  Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I17786
4 Clemens, K.L. RN   I14978
5 Clemens, M.   I17804
6 Clemens, Walter Brox  17 Nov 1941Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I17755
7 Clemens, Walter Brox  15 Nov 1947Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I17755
8 Clemens, Walter Brox  3 Jul 1948Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I17755
9 Clemens, W.J.   I17800
10 Free, Charlotte Louise  1928-1930Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I17980
11 Hay, J.F.   I84432
12 MacKinnon, B.   I627
13 MacKinnon, C.   I17052
14 MacKinnon, D.   I625
15 McNeal, L.   I88864
16 Rawlings, E.M.   I14743
17 Street, George Edward  1928-1930Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada I17979
18 Ulmer, T.   I455


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Barrett / Clemens   F4480
2 Clemens / Street  15 Nov 1947Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada F5390
3 Groh / Latham  8 Mar 1924Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada F7450
4 Hall / Street   F4582
5 Hay / Mills  23 May 1941Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada F10106
6 Street / Free  3 Nov 1927Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada F4478
7 Tanner / Clemens   F5393
8 Taylor / Clemens   F5391
9 Wood / Ward   F4970

Many thanks to all who have contributed names, dates, photographs and stories. Corrections are always welcome.
Our research is ongoing and the validity of the information presented should be judged by the quality of our sources.

Our study includes our ancestors and their descendants (our cousins) and our cousins' spouses and their parents. The parents of our cousins' spouses will show as "A descendant is related to Susan or Barry" and their other children will not be included unless they are connected to our family.

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