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Markham, York, Ontario, Canada


City/Town : Latitude: 43.8666666666667, Longitude: -79.2666666666667


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baker, Isaac Cober  6 Feb 1857Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I37948
2 Barber, C.C.   I52067
3 Barber, E.M.   I52066
4 Barkey, Clarence Christian  6 Dec 1902Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I61422
5 Barkey, Marion Ruth  27 Apr 1926Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I51790
6 Bowhay, H.C.   I30323
7 Bowman, Aaron  4 Feb 1848Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I109684
8 Bowman, John  16 Oct 1846Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I109674
9 Burkholder, E.A.   I66523
10 Burkholder, Helen Ruth  20 Apr 1934Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I67950
11 Burkholder, Dr. Joseph Norman  26 Mar 1929Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I9766
12 Burkholder, L.E.   I66524
13 Burkholder, Norman R.  26 Jun 1887Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I66529
14 Byer, Annie  22 Jul 1899Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I73933
15 Byer, B.K.A.   I49999
16 Byer, D.E.   I55698
17 Byer, D.W.   I55700
18 Byer, Dorothy  20 Feb 1922Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I30027
19 Byer, Edwin Arthur  23 Nov 1894Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I53803
20 Byer, Erle Frederick  24 Oct 1918Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I55701
21 Byer, E.R.   I66525
22 Byer, J.A.   I55697
23 Byer, Mary  22 Jun 1867Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I50029
24 Byer, M.E.   I55699
25 Byer, Walter  19 Feb 1905Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I26566
26 Canning, Smith  20 Jan 1829Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I109663
27 Drudge, E.R.   I34137
28 Drudge, J.A.   I40506
29 Fretz, L.E.   I63727
30 Fretz, Paul Lewis  25 Feb 1931Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I28459
31 Hoover, Annie  13 Feb 1909Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I72813
32 Hoover, Ruth Adelaide  19 Feb 1902Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I61428
33 Hoover, Simeon  5 Jun 1868Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I78543
34 Itter, Peter  23 Mar 1839Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I15214
35 Meyer, Ruth  3 Dec 1892Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I53802
36 Miller, J.H.   I55683
37 Musselman, B.E.   I53801
38 Musselman, H.N.   I53799
39 Musselman, J.J.   I53800
40 Reesor, Joseph B.  9 Aug 1892Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I51757
41 Reynolds, Elizabeth  27 Mar 1840Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I969
42 Reynolds, John  1832Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I5631
43 Scott, Rev. Edmond Edwin  Abt 1853Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I121994
44 Shank, Donald Norman  22 Nov 1928Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I55724
45 Shank, Edith Miriam  15 Jun 1925Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I55725
46 Shank, G.I.   I55726
47 Smith, Ella  9 Apr 1907Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I44957
48 Smith, John L.  31 Aug 1902Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I47253
49 Smith, Roy H.  15 Sep 1913Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I30026
50 Teasdale, Thomas  5 Apr 1834Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I1005

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Burkholder, Leonard  27 Feb 1974Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I66526
2 Byer, Mary  29 Nov 1949Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I50029
3 Hoover, Annie  10 Apr 1960Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I66528
4 Mader, Elaine Vivian  6 Oct 2007Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I76172
5 Nighswander, Harvey Enos  30 Nov 2012Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I68567
6 Otterbein, Noah K.  11 Jan 1940Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I23103
7 Schmucker, Rev. Floyd Sylvanus  24 Apr 1978Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I77811
8 Shank, William  2 Feb 1937Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I50030
9 Shantz, Phoebe May  10 Oct 1893Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I25472
10 Sherrick, Daniel  1924Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I52575
11 Smith, John L.  30 Sep 1993Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I47253
12 St. John, James Wellington  7 Nov 1974Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I116641
13 Weber, Lydia Ann  29 Dec 1938Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I79119
14 White, Carol Helen  29 Jul 2009Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I75426
15 Wing, Jack Lewis  10 Dec 1979Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I51437
16 Wing, Lewis Henry  1 Apr 1974Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I76934
17 Wright, Lillian  27 Jan 1995Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I66728


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Allan, Bruce  Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I32110
2 Barkey, Ruth Hoover  Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I18772
3 Bontrager, Lois Lauraine  Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I55690
4 Burkholder, Elmer Hoover  15 Jul 2013Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I66527
5 Burkholder, Florence S.  Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I61412
6 Burkholder, Hannah  18 Aug 2010Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I73964
7 Burkholder, Harvey Abraham  Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I67949
8 Burkholder, Leonard  2 Mar 1974Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I66526
9 Burkholder, Norman R.  Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I66529
10 Burkholder, Phares Daniel  Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I8709
11 Byer, Annie  28 Jul 1996Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I73933
12 Byer, Dorothy  Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I30027
13 Byer, Edwin Arthur  Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I53803
14 Byer, Erle Frederick  Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I55701
15 Byer, Jesse Lewis  Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I61328
16 Byer, Mary  Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I50029
17 Byer, Ronald Payce  Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I51176
18 Byer, Walter  Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I26566
19 Canning, John  Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I109664
20 Cressman, Elmina  24 Aug 1993Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I73978
21 Eby, Maurice B.  Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I31228
22 Fretz, Magdalena  Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I61423
23 Greenbury, Stella  Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I23464
24 Grove, Marion Arlene  Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I61418
25 Grove, Russell  14 May 1975Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I73934
26 Haacke, Emma Caroline  Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I61327
27 Harrison, Samuel Leslie  Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I77515
28 Hoover, Annie  14 Apr 1960Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I66528
29 Hoover, Edwin Ross  Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I61424
30 Hoover, Eva  Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I61415
31 Hoover, Gordon Ernest  Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I61413
32 Hoover, Rev. Leonard W.  Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I61416
33 Hoover, Sarah Ann  Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I51704
34 Housser, Martha  Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I46984
35 Kennedy, Lois Mary  Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I57294
36 Lott, Philip Joshua  Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I51703
37 McAllister, Jane  Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I109665
38 McDowell, Allen  Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I46985
39 McPherson, Alexander  Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I5690
40 Meyer, Ruth  Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I53802
41 Miller, Jesse Erle  Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I50002
42 Nighswander, Harvey Enos  3 Dec 2012Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I68567
43 Pipher, Lewis Raymond  Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I104888
44 Reesor, Carl Wilfred B.  Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I38789
45 Reesor, Joseph B.  Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I51757
46 Reynolds, Elizabeth Christina  Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I5689
47 Schlichter, Grace Elizabeth  20 Apr 2000Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I52605
48 Schmucker, Rev. Floyd Sylvanus  27 Apr 1978Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I77811
49 Shank, Donald Norman  Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I55724
50 Shank, Edith Miriam  Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I55725

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Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Stauffer, Martha O.  13 Sep 1927Markham, York, Ontario, Canada I46729


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Bontrager / Shank   F31134
2 Bowman / Reynolds  25 Apr 1832Markham, York, Ontario, Canada F40909
3 Byer / Shank  1 Jan 1944Markham, York, Ontario, Canada F31141
4 Miller / Byer   F31147
5 Musselman / Burkholder   F33686
6 Reesor / Weber  20 Dec 1916Markham, York, Ontario, Canada F32825
7 Shank / Byer  7 Oct 1884Markham, York, Ontario, Canada F33508
8 Snider / Stauffer  21 Jan 1925Markham, York, Ontario, Canada F8892
9 Steckle / Smith  4 Mar 1930Markham, York, Ontario, Canada F18155
10 Wideman / Burkholder   F32819

Many thanks to all who have contributed names, dates, photographs and stories. Corrections are always welcome.
Our research is ongoing and the validity of the information presented should be judged by the quality of our sources.

Our study includes our ancestors and their descendants (our cousins) and our cousins' spouses and their parents. The parents of our cousins' spouses will show as "A descendant is related to Susan or Barry" and their other children will not be included unless they are connected to our family.

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