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Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada


City/Town : Latitude: 43.3166666666667, Longitude: -79.8


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bowman, B.L.M.   I39030
2 Bowman, B.J.M.   I39031
3 Chrissley, M.N.   I39020
4 Chrissley, M.T.   I39019
5 Chrissley, R.M.   I39018
6 Connell, John Ellwood  3 Feb 1929Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I129660
7 Connell, Leota  1926Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I126024
8 Dryden, S.R.   I89049
9 Dryden, S.J.   I89048
10 Goldie, A.J.   I49871
11 Gunby, Eva  Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I126026
12 Lawrence, Marjortie Jessie  18 Apr 1906Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I125449
13 Lucas, William  1922Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I126025
14 Pegg, Elizabeth Jean  24 Jan 1928Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I123481
15 Skillings, D.B.   I44056
16 Smith, Robert  6 Nov 1956Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I123491
17 Tharby, H.A.   I2028
18 Wall, G.C.   I89098
19 Westphall, Andrew Alenson  Cal 1872Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I6174


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Beaugry, Magdalena  7 May 2010Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I30559
2 Cartwright, Lillian June  2006Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I116078
3 Clatk, Peter  12 Feb 1928Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I123989
4 Connell, Clifford Laverne  Jan 1988Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I129661
5 Connell, John  25 Mar 1921Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I126021
6 Connell, Leota  12 Nov 1970Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I126024
7 Dobier, Murray MacFarland  26 Mar 1972Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I123646
8 Eaton, Charles Douglas  12 Jan 1980Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I1718
9 Eaton, Martha Evelyn  12 Apr 2000Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I6224
10 Egan, Bertha  1997Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I116083
11 Gage, Asahel  1 Jul 1861Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I119927
12 Gunby, Eva  1943Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I126026
13 Howell, Edith Lucille  24 Apr 2009Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I122154
14 Inglis, Cora Bernice  2005Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I123992
15 Jones, Minnie Whitney  28 Nov 1984Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I125415
16 Kennelly, Lillian Margaret  6 Jan 1994Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I130689
17 Lambier, Edith Irene  6 Dec 1999Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I119827
18 Lawrence, John Everett  24 Mar 1907Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I125447
19 MacDonald, Stanley Bruce  1977Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I129608
20 McCollum, Nancy  5 Sep 1847Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I119928
21 Pegg, Clark  11 Sep 1981Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I110680
22 Proper, Shirley Elizabeth  2005Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I122201
23 Robinson, Catherine  1918Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I129658
24 Scheer, Shirley June  8 Jul 2007Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I129662
25 Snyder, Enid Claire  6 Jan 2012Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I1905
26 Watkins-Boness, Denise Ella-May  15 May 2007Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I103565


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Banks, Dorothy  Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I127596
2 Bowerbank, Frank Eric  Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I21677
3 Bowerbank, Kenneth Charles  Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I21678
4 Brain, Beatrice Gladys  Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I129656
5 Brain, Charles  Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I129657
6 Connell, Harold Ellwood  Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I129655
7 Connell, John Ellwood  Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I129660
8 Connell, Mary Bernice  Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I129659
9 Gage, Asahel  Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I119927
10 Howell, Constance Rosalie  Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I122158
11 Ibbetson, Charlotte Anne  Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I129664
12 Kerns, James Wesley  Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I116075
13 Lawrence, John Everett  Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I125447
14 Logan, George  Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I122159
15 McCollum, Nancy  Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I119928
16 McNiven, John Russell  Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I110683
17 Peer, Alice Nancy  Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I116076
18 Persson, Clayton Melville  Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I127595
19 Robinson, Catherine  Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I129658
20 Robinson, Sarah Jane  Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I21680
21 Scheer, Ernest Ray  Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I129663
22 Scheer, Shirley June  Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I129662
23 Springer, Lizzie May  Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I110684
24 Weber, Emmanuel Lloyd  Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada I66467


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 G.   I110371
2 Bechtel, L.S.   I27287
3 Deamude, R.   I110166
4 Dempsey, D.L.   I58478
5 Edighoffer, K.A.   I105225
6 Martin, K.R.   I72904
7 Rotor, N.   I72898
8 Seftel, B.L.   I27738
9 Snider, G.E.   I10499
10 Southon, M.   I105226


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Blake / Boll   F6189
2 Brown / Key  17 Oct 1931Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada F86
3 Lawrence / Little  11 Jun 1902Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada F47596
4 Russell / Eaton   F20090
5 Tharby / Riesberry   F756
6 Wall / Winslow   F36780


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Residence    Family ID 
1 Martin /    F43069

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October 21, 2023