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Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada



City/Town : Latitude: 43.6526586111111, Longitude: -79.38416


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Greeneigh  16 Feb 2008Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I88311
2 P.   I88312
3 Adamson, Walter Robert  16 Apr 1914Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I123376
4 Alderdice, Harry Victor  19 Aug 1868Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I9819
5 Amos, Jean  20 Dec 1918Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I121528
6 Aspden, L.A.H.   I100681
7 Aspden, R.T.H.   I100682
8 Avery, Daisy Aileen Violet  1914Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I392
9 Avery, Elmer John Percival  16 Nov 1909Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I21563
10 Avery, Gordon Chauncy  30 Apr 1908Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I391
11 Avery, J.M.   I21575
12 Avery, R.V.   I21574
13 Avery, William Henry Brand  30 Mar 1912Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I393
14 Baker, Wayne Michael  31 Aug 1948Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I114815
15 Ball, D.E.   I5600
16 Bauman, A.M.   I44381
17 Bauman, D.L.   I44377
18 Bauman, D.L.   I44376
19 Bauman, S.A.   I44385
20 Baylis, Edward George  8 Sep 1904Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I114807
21 Bell, T.H. MD   I53798
22 Bellmore, John Henry  7 Nov 1920Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I92070
23 Beresford, Alice Winnifred  31 Mar 1909Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I124217
24 Bergey, Evelyn Margaret  5 Dec 1912Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I59652
25 Berry, Edward Ralph  1901Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I115028
26 Berry, William  Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I115029
27 Bingeman, Elizabeth Reesor  10 Jul 1915Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I62454
28 Bingeman, Joseph Edward Reesor  31 May 1919Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I62444
29 Boutet, Joseph Albert  11 Sep 1920Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I120390
30 Bowman, C.J.M.   I39041
31 Brett, Edward French  16 Jun 1920Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I119900
32 Briceno, C.E.   I88819
33 Brown, Barbara  6 Apr 1934Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I37468
34 Brown, Eleanor Daisy  26 Apr 1930Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I110196
35 Brown, Robert  Cal 1847Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I3449
36 Byer, Ronald Payce  28 Feb 1935Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I51176
37 Calder, D.J.W.   I2139
38 Calder, N.L.   I2138
39 Carr, R.W.   I42832
40 Cassel, Neil Gordon  8 Mar 1919Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I53990
41 Charters, S.   I21761
42 Clark, Ermanie Frances  1890Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I121530
43 Clemens, Margaret Esson  9 Jul 1907Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I96725
44 Clemens, Mary Ann  23 May 1845Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I10005
45 Collins, Robert  30 Jun 1852Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I114962
46 Collins, Thomas  24 Apr 1846Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I114967
47 Conrad, M.G.   I39058
48 Cooper, Ada Olive  6 Sep 1896Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I21688
49 Cooper, David Guthrie  18 Dec 1869Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I2379
50 Cooper, Elsie Alice  18 Nov 1899Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I21690

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alderdice, Harry Victor  14 Mar 1930Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I9819
2 Avery, Gordon Chauncy  16 May 1984Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I391
3 Avery, William Henry Brand  1 Jan 1992Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I393
4 Banfield, Holly Irene  27 Jul 2013Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I102391
5 Baylis, Bruce  Abt 1947Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I120442
6 Bellmore, John Henry  Oct 1984Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I92070
7 Bender, James Eugene  8 Mar 1952Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I10043
8 Bergey, David Dalton  6 Apr 1980Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I75602
9 Biggart, Charles Kenneth  26 Nov 1976Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I89675
10 Bingeman, Elizabeth Reesor  20 Feb 2013Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I62454
11 Bingeman, Nile S.  12 Jan 1989Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I66345
12 Bontrager, Lois Lauraine  19 Nov 1977Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I55690
13 Boutet, Alphonse Alfred Joseph  30 Jul 1958Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I120391
14 Boutet, Joseph Albert  7 Aug 1984Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I120390
15 Bowman, Jeffrey Dale  3 Apr 1997Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I37693
16 Bowman, Maggie  18 Jan 1911Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I120371
17 Brett, Edward French  11 Jul 1976Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I119900
18 Brett, Eileen Elizabeth  3 Oct 2002Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I119899
19 Brubacher, Mary Anna  27 May 1986Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I74151
20 Brubacher, Shawn Derrick  1 Jul 1977Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I80513
21 Buehler, Salome  17 Jan 1973Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I68697
22 Bullen, Mary  23 Feb 1971Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I55304
23 Burkholder, Norman R.  8 Aug 1952Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I66529
24 Burns, Phyllis  3 Sep 1991Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I114666
25 Buszard, Georgina Grace  15 Sep 1992Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I557
26 Buszard, James  1 Nov 1935Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I550
27 Buszard, Marjorie Lois  11 Jun 1996Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I556
28 Calder, Emma  23 May 1968Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I2111
29 Chisholm, John  20 Dec 1969Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I121217
30 Clemens, Horace Arnold  22 May 1914Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I14710
31 Clemens, Ida Pearl  1979Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17646
32 Clemens, John B.  14 Aug 1879Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I10006
33 Clemens, Nathanael  8 Sep 1942Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I8638
34 Clemens, Penrose Jackson  8 Nov 1915Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I88198
35 Coffin, Sarah Edwards  5 Dec 1916Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I118236
36 Collins, Lillie May  13 Jul 1945Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I114969
37 Cooper, David Guthrie  18 Apr 1912Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I2379
38 Cooper, Frank  15 Jan 1903Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I21693
39 Cooper, Harry  24 Aug 1906Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I21694
40 Cooper, Howard Elliott  29 Jul 1901Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I21691
41 Cooper, John H.  15 Jan 1903Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I21692
42 Cooper, Margaret Tenotta  Abt 1977Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I21689
43 Cooper, Roy Willis  17 Apr 1967Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I120213
44 Corbett, Islay Lillian  21 Sep 1979Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I114747
45 Corbett, Lucinda  22 Jan 1933Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I102387
46 Corless, Alice Maggie  22 Jun 1974Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I121561
47 Cressman, Clayton S.  21 Aug 1996Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I87167
48 Crone, Irene Rosalie  13 Apr 1979Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I8830
49 Cummins, Margaret Jane  9 Nov 1960Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I4963
50 D'Arcy, Evelyn Mae  19 Feb 1995Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I121565

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Alderdice, Harry Victor  16 Mar 1930Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I9819
2 Amos, Walter Laurence  Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I121529
3 Bingeman, Elizabeth Reesor  Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I62454
4 Brand, Daisy Emma  2 Sep 1969Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I37
5 Butchart, Stephen Edward  Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I122902
6 Chambers, Leone Ivey  Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I121762
7 Clark, Ermanie Frances  Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I121530
8 Cooper, Ada Olive  Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I21688
9 Cooper, David Guthrie  Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I2379
10 Cooper, Harry  Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I21694
11 Cooper, Margaret Tenotta  Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I21689
12 Corless, Alice Maggie  Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I121561
13 D'Arcy, Evelyn Mae  Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I121565
14 Durrant, Myrtle Victoria Greta  Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I122901
15 Findlay, John Calder  Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I121527
16 Fraser, George Henry  5 Sep 1950Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I123315
17 Gooding, Louisa Merle  24 Jan 1983Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I122611
18 Gowing, Mandy Melvina  Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I123067
19 Hallman, Elizabeth  13 Aug 1976Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I72046
20 Hallman, Simeon S.  11 Mar 1942Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I23136
21 Hanks, Grace L. M.  Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I114735
22 Heaphy, Margaret  Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I90430
23 Hill, Silas  Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I114730
24 Jollife, Fannie  Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I123372
25 Kolb, Elizabeth Gertrude  Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I66421
26 Larter, Acton Martin  Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I123370
27 Larter, Walter  Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I123371
28 Little, James George  Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I5834
29 Monahan, Leonora  Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I61311
30 Nobbs, William Kirk  Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I121763
31 Palmer, Robert Newton  Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I121560
32 Patten, Clifford Charles  Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I61312
33 Powell, Ellen Sophia  Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I5835
34 Pretty, Cecil Augustus  Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I122612
35 Reynolds, Albert Henry  Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I5620
36 Reynolds, Benjamin James  Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I5693
37 Reynolds, Debbie  Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I114915
38 Reynolds, Ellen Elizabeth Patricia  Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I5624
39 Reynolds, Frances Elizabeth  Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I984
40 Reynolds, George  16 Jul 1922Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I5704
41 Reynolds, John Edward Odlum  1 Mar 1960Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I36
42 Reynolds, John Murray  3 Jul 1974Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I18314
43 Reynolds, Murray Elliott  Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I41
44 Reynolds, Murray James  Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I114827
45 Reynolds, Roderick Redfern  14 Jul 1926Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I5695
46 Scott, Ralph  Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I2123
47 Shoemaker, David C.  Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I90029
48 Smart, David Eli  Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I121981
49 Teasdale, Josephine Pearl  Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I406
50 Thomas, Roma Myrtle  Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I5694

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Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Baylis, Edward George  30 Sep 1904Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I114807
2 Cooper, Harry  16 May 1905Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I21694

Alt. Death

Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Death    Person ID 
1 Clemens, John B.  Nov 1879Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I10006
2 Eaton, Ross Hardcastle  15 Sep 1994Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I12172
3 Jayes, Elizabeth M.  9 Dec 1894Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I22226
4 Reynolds, Frances Elizabeth  23 Feb 1919Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I984
5 Wootton, Harry Bishop  30 Nov 1902Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I22762
6 Wootton, Richard Bishop  29 Sep 1949Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I21720


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Dolan, John James  13 Jun 1886Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I120386
2 Eaton, Alva Dorothy  Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I42421
3 Reynolds, B.   I1
4 Reynolds, M.M.   I35


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Adams, Edward John  1881Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I1385
2 Adams, Edward John  1901Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I1385
3 Adams, Edward John  1911Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I1385
4 Avery, Elmer John Percival  1911Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I21563
5 Avery, Gordon Chauncy  1911Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I391
6 Avery, Harry Herman  1911Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I390
7 Brand, Bessie Violet  1911Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I389
8 Buszard, Sarah  1881Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I1384
9 Buszard, Sarah  1901Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I1384
10 Clemens, Margaret Esson  1911Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I96725
11 Gibbons, Elizabeth Ann  1901Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I5677
12 Gibbons, Elizabeth Ann  1921Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I5677
13 Lyons, Margaret Sybil  1921Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I131
14 Redfern, Sarah Jane  1891Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I657
15 Reynolds, Bruce Elliott  1921Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I38
16 Reynolds, Christina  1911Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I5736
17 Reynolds, Frederick  1911Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I5705
18 Reynolds, George  1901Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I5704
19 Reynolds, George  1911Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I5704
20 Reynolds, Harry  1901Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I5706
21 Reynolds, Harry  1911Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I5706
22 Reynolds, Jean  1911Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I5707
23 Reynolds, John Edward Odlum  1891Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I36
24 Reynolds, Robert  1891Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I388
25 Reynolds, Susannah Catherine  1921Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I5691
26 Reynolds, Thomas John  1921Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I5685
27 Reynolds, Wilson  1901Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I5702
28 Reynolds, Wilson  1911Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I5702
29 Rumley, May  1901Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I5703
30 Rumley, May  1911Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I5703
31 Schissler, Lavina  1911Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I96724


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Employment    Person ID 
1 Reynolds, B.   I1
2 Reynolds, B.   I1
3 Reynolds, B.   I1
4 Reynolds, B.   I1
5 Reynolds, Elvard Otto  Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I1782


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Blueman, R.V.   I99505
2 Morgan, F.A.   I99504


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Clemens, Lewis Waldemar  Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I15252
2 Kleinsteuber, G.   I3344
3 Reynolds, Wilson  1908Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I5702
4 Weber, Rev. Moses  23 May 1858Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I22622
5 Ziegler, Orlando  1895Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I10689


Matches 1 to 50 of 109

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Annie  1917Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I51614
2 Adams, Edward John  15 Oct 1879Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I1385
3 Ament, J.   I100967
4 Avery, Harry Herman  29 Sep 1904Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I390
5 Avery, Harry Herman  1925Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I390
6 Banfield, Holly Irene  15 Apr 2013Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I102391
7 Barrass, A.   I100968
8 Bastin, Annie  26 Feb 1922Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I10847
9 Bender, N.P.   I9835
10 Bergey, Milton D.  19 Apr 1936Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I73924
11 Bowman, C.G.   I33857
12 Brand, Bessie Violet  29 Sep 1904Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I389
13 Brand, Daisy Emma  7 Jun 1905Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I37
14 Brand, Daisy Emma  9 Jul 1906Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I37
15 Brand, Daisy Emma  14 Feb 1908Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I37
16 Cheesman, Gertrude S.  11 Sep 1912Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I1959
17 Clemens, Herbert Jesse  1910Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17808
18 Clemens, Ida Pearl  8 Sep 1942Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17646
19 Clemens, Lillian Pearl  13 Jun 1942Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I15808
20 Clemens, Penrose Jackson  1912Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I88198
21 Cockburn, Moffat  Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I84980
22 Cressman, K.A.   I9822
23 Cressman, M.J.   I9408
24 Cressman, M.J.   I9408
25 Duyck, J.E.   I28432
26 Eaton, Arthur  29 Mar 1902Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I6215
27 Eaton, L.   I5813
28 Eaton, L.   I5813
29 Fisher, Mary  29 Mar 1902Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I6216
30 Freeborn, Harold  25 Jun 1964Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I277
31 Gingrich, K.L.   I27556
32 Good, Evelyn May  2 Oct 1977Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I54140
33 Good, J.   I109365
34 Good, J.   I109365
35 Good, Ruby Eileen  2 Oct 1977Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I54142
36 Good, Ruby Eileen  28 Mar 2002Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I54142
37 Groh, Rev. Harold David  9 May 1944Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I16646
38 Grubb, J.   I49364
39 Guerin, V.K.   I9419
40 Guerin, V.K.   I9419
41 Hagey, Laura M.  28 Oct 1956Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I36025
42 Hallman, Jairus Riley  25 Aug 1955Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I64998
43 Hallman, Lucille Isabel  14 Jan 1942Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I59042
44 Hamilton, S.M.J.   I45911
45 Heintz, J.A.   I28357
46 Henderson, Jane A.  26 Feb 1922Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I109507
47 Hurst, Ada Cecilia  21 Dec 1904Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I5717
48 Jennings, J.A.   I84461
49 Key, John  1858Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I94
50 Key, Mary Alice  Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I6124

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Matches 1 to 50 of 65

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Adamson / Larter  26 Jun 1943Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada F46651
2 Avery / Brand  29 Sep 1904Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada F223
3 Avery / Topley  1933Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada F225
4 Avery / VanWyck  10 Sep 1941Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada F7329
5 Baker / Cooper  18 Aug 1915Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada F2981
6 Baker / Scott  6 Jun 1936Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada F46590
7 Bauman / Topping   F18402
8 Butter / Butter  9 Feb 1846Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada F580
9 Calder / Alston  24 Sep 1932Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada F773
10 Cantelo / Bowman   F14851
11 Cassel / Winger   F22357
12 Chandra / Shantz   F33648
13 Charters / Wootton   F7403
14 Chisholm / Calder  9 Dec 1936Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada F45749
15 Chisholm / Ormerod   F45766
16 Clemens / Andrews  17 Jun 1896Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada F4890
17 Clemens / Gooder  9 Dec 1922Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada F4167
18 Cooper / Reynolds  2 Apr 1891Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada F595
19 Dunn / Reynolds  21 Feb 1923Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada F1824
20 Eddy / MacGregor  2 May 1951Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada F45968
21 Erb / Thornton   F30966
22 Findlay / Hall  24 Jun 1940Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada F45855
23 Forster / Eaton  5 May 1900Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada F16900
24 Groce / Reynolds   F1817
25 Hallman / Pipher  15 Oct 1949Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada F15255
26 Henderson / Steckle   F17654
27 Howell / Smart  22 Feb 1918Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada F46026
28 Jackson / Crone  17 Oct 1923Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada F2975
29 Johnson / Relf  16 Jun 1921Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada F46667
30 Karn / Danis   F32158
31 King / Eaton  1 Jun 1940Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada F16052
32 Larmand / Ariss   F33067
33 Larter / Campbell  14 Jun 1941Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada F46650
34 Larter / Jollife  3 Jun 1884Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada F46649
35 Larter / Wakeford  25 Jun 1913Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada F46648
36 Mayhue / Riesberry   F783
37 McNenly / Mitson   F9912
38 Pickett / Groce   F1983
39 Reeves / Silva   F786
40 Reynolds / Binnie  19 Nov 1924Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada F43206
41 Reynolds / Brand  7 Jun 1905Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada F32
42 Reynolds / Carruthers  1919Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada F1869
43 Reynolds / Cheesman  11 Sep 1912Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada F689
44 Reynolds / Hurst  21 Dec 1904Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada F1843
45 Reynolds / Little  3 May 1916Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada F1816
46 Reynolds / Varley  16 Sep 1939Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada F3
47 Riesberry / Crossley   F755
48 Riesberry / Dunn   F789
49 Riesberry / Goduto   F784
50 Riesberry / Mark  3 Feb 1940Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada F782

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Alt. Marriage

Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Alt. Marriage    Family ID 
1 Heyd / Berner   F4081
2 Secor / Job  1 Dec 1888Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada F1165


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Census    Family ID 
1 Snider / Bastin  1921Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada F6179

Marriage Registration

Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Marriage Registration    Family ID 
1 Avery / Brand  30 Sep 1904Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada F223
2 Reynolds / Brand  8 Jun 1905Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada F32


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Residence    Family ID 
1 Jantzi / Gingrich   F24382
2 Kushner / Hilborn   F40771
3 Martin / Brubacher   F27204
4 Panabaker /    F39928
5 Wagner /    F36873

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