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Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada


All that is left of Craigvale is a sign on a post, right beside the railway tracks..... Craigvale Lane. It is a defunct hamlet just east of Stroud (Stroud's first name was Myers Corners circa 1833, then Victoria in the '40s and finally Stroud about 1880...and now part of the Town of Innisfil). Craigvale was a necessary rail station during the age of steam for Stroud and surrounding Innisfil Township.

City/Town : Latitude: 44.324429, Longitude: -79.619275


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Hurst, Mary Emma  21 Sep 1870Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I127808
2 Pratt, Henry Albert  15 Jun 1894Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I3532
3 Reynolds, Joseph  8 Nov 1862Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I1923
4 Webb, Helen Margaret  31 Jul 1926Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I120421
5 Webb, Louise Annie  25 Dec 1924Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I120405
6 Webb, Milton Clifford  13 Jun 1924Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I120419
7 Webb, Morely Black  18 Feb 1906Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I120431
8 Webb, William Benjamin  Jun 1933Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I120434
9 Wice, Edith Jemima Roxanna  2 Dec 1867Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I1460


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Black, Annie Amelia  16 Oct 1918Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I120393
2 Black, Johnston  10 Aug 1934Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I120394
3 Reynolds, George Bowman  1992Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I7808
4 Reynolds, Telson Roy  1 Jan 1965Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I1760
5 Robins, Louisa  15 Jul 1934Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I120395
6 Webb, Helen Margaret  8 Mar 2007Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I120421
7 Webb, Milton Clifford  1 Oct 2003Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I120419
8 Webb, Ray Graham  1997Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I120409
9 White, Sarah Eastrel May  30 May 1955Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I120428


Matches 1 to 50 of 131

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Mary  Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I947
2 Adams, Beryl S.  Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I5675
3 Armstrong, Frances  Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I5801
4 Bowman, Anna Elizabeth  Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I109662
5 Bowman, Catherine  Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I109689
6 Bowman, Christina  Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I5648
7 Bowman, Elizabeth  Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I109676
8 Bowman, Mary Ann  5 Oct 1920Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I5700
9 Bowman, Nancy  Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I109649
10 Bowman, Oscar Elton  Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I5723
11 Bowman, Robert  Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I109648
12 Bowman, Thomas John  Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I5722
13 Boyes, John  Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I114575
14 Boyes, John Corbett  Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I114574
15 Brown, Eldon E.  Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I115032
16 Canning, Alexander  Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I109666
17 Canning, Marjorie Elizabeth  Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I109670
18 Canning, Robert John  Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I114790
19 Canning, Smith  Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I109663
20 Carruthers, Laura B.  Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I5799
21 Corbett, Edith Maud  Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I114576
22 Coulter, Margaret G.  Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I1462
23 Doody, Hanorah  Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I109657
24 Dyer, Elmer Wellington  Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I5640
25 Dyer, George Morley Everett  Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I5638
26 Dyer, George Wellington  Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I1046
27 Dyer, Henry Conron  Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I5637
28 Dyer, William Fawcett  Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I5636
29 Elliott, Samuel  Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I114542
30 Elliott, William  Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I114546
31 Ferrier, Margaret Marie  Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I5670
32 Foster, Margaret J.  Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I5673
33 Graham, Gladys Loretta  Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I114535
34 Guest, Mildred Lillian  Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I109659
35 Hall, Jessie  Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I5657
36 Hurst, Ada Cecilia  Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I5717
37 Hurst, James  Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I3559
38 Hurst, Mary  Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I987
39 Hurst, Sarah  30 Oct 1922Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I978
40 Ingram, William Charles  Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I109671
41 Irwin, Dalton Edward  Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I109658
42 Irwin, John  Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I109656
43 Irwin, William  Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I109655
44 Jebb, Clara  Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I114573
45 Jobbitt, Anella Marie  Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I114660
46 Little, Edith Lillian  27 Oct 1992Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I5643
47 Madden, Minnie Bell  Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I5719
48 Maiel, Ruby Ilene  17 Nov 2014Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I114537
49 Maneer, Elizabeth Mary  Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I988
50 Maneer, William  7 Jan 1908Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I5549

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Alt. Birth

Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Reynolds, Lenna Charlotte  30 Oct 1895Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I1783
2 Reynolds, Murray Elliott  1888Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I41


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Religion    Person ID 
1 Reynolds, Alma Jane  1901Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I993


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Pratt, Henry A.  2 Nov 1922Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I5817
2 Reynolds, Charles  Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I972
3 Reynolds, Frederick  1950Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I5654
4 Reynolds, Henry James Sylvester  12 Jul 1926Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I5679
5 Reynolds, Mary Elizabeth  5 Dec 1921Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I980
6 Reynolds, Mary Elizabeth  27 Oct 1922Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I980


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Boyd / Pratt  30 Jun 1923Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada F35355
2 Reynolds / Forbes  11 Apr 1923Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada F48759
3 Reynolds / Hunter  27 Sep 1882Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada F1215
4 Webb / Ferris  7 Nov 1923Stroud/Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada F45485

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