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Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada



City/Town : Latitude: 43.3666666666667, Longitude: -80.9833333333333


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ackersviller, J.   I49557
2 Baier, L.J.   I103934
3 Baier, S.J.   I103933
4 Baier, T.L.   I103935
5 Baker, Florence Ruth  1 Mar 1912Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I52114
6 Barth, F.F.   I103956
7 Bender, D.D.   I40873
8 Brenneman, Donald James  29 Sep 1955Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I56477
9 Brubacher, A.T.   I49866
10 Brubacher, L.D.   I47980
11 Brubacher, S.T.   I49865
12 Clemens, Helen  26 Jul 1908Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I16912
13 Delooze, J.C.   I63732
14 Doadt, Irwin W.  28 Mar 1899Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I3479
15 Dwinnel, L.   I43911
16 Frank, I.S.   I90689
17 Frank, J.S.   I90688
18 Frank, W.S.   I90690
19 Fryfagel, S.O.   I10213
20 Gerber, D.P.   I75676
21 Gerber, J.L.   I65644
22 Gerber, V.Y.   I75677
23 Glanfield, N.A.   I101685
24 Gole, J.L.A.   I90804
25 Gowing, Ethel Estella  8 Apr 1890Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I123340
26 Gowing, James Gordon  10 Feb 1892Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I123356
27 Halliday, K.I.   I49629
28 Hallman, Robert Clarence  6 Dec 1936Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I52832
29 Hamilton, Frederick Goulding  8 Jun 1902Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I116243
30 Hamilton, Thomas Robert  25 Aug 1928Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I116234
31 Heath, Janice Margaret  23 May 1950Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I53556
32 Holman, Margaret Louise  7 May 1922Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I53576
33 Jantzi, A.C.   I49583
34 Kalbfleish, Barbara  1 Jul 1959Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I38858
35 Leibold, J.R.   I55771
36 Leibold, J.P.H.   I55770
37 Lewis, J.   I22005
38 Lupton, Edith Catherine  17 Jun 1930Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I46931
39 Martin, E.A.   I65684
40 Martin, I.M.   I65683
41 Master, B.   I3414
42 Master, B.   I3411
43 Master, D.   I3413
44 Master, Donald  1932Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I3415
45 Master, Dorothy May  8 Sep 1916Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I3429
46 Master, Florence  1933Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I3416
47 Master, Gordon John  26 Jun 1922Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I3408
48 Master, J.   I3412
49 Master, J.   I3410
50 Middleton, H.B.   I63728

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bechtel, Nettie  27 Sep 1986Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I80118
2 Becker, Amos  6 Apr 1953Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I22654
3 Becker, Harvey Edwin George  27 Jul 2007Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I92466
4 Biehn, Maynard Eugene  4 Aug 2012Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I72687
5 Binkly, Mildred Blanche  29 Jun 1942Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I123169
6 Brenneman, Emma O.  26 Mar 1979Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I46718
7 Buehler, Elizabeth  13 Oct 1979Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I68778
8 Capper, Alfred Thomas Brooker  1989Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I123149
9 Clemens, Rev. Albert  3 Mar 1957Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I17829
10 Coulton, Thomas Manning  12 Apr 2006Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I53577
11 Cressman, Howard Wilson  20 Sep 1999Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I26698
12 Diehl, Eva Laura  Dec 1980Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I123158
13 Doadt, Bessie Melinda  15 Feb 1988Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I3473
14 Doadt, David Leslie  Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I3444
15 Doadt, Edward W.  Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I3480
16 Dunsmore, Dorothy Aileen  17 Oct 1987Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I123160
17 Erb, Earle G.  13 Oct 2004Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I27457
18 Fusee, Edma Doris  20 Jul 2008Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I55983
19 Good, Elizabeth C.  15 May 1966Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I92046
20 Gottfried, Walter Aaron  6 Jul 2017Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I58314
21 Graham, Alexander Murl  10 Apr 2009Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I116127
22 Graham, Mary Elizabeth  1957Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I123145
23 Hall, Elizabeth  20 Feb 2018Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I89728
24 Hallman, Edith Viola  28 Dec 2008Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I27635
25 Hallman, Sylvia Louise  14 Apr 2012Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I27851
26 Hamilton, Thomas Robert  21 Aug 1989Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I116234
27 Hoover, Rev. Anson  13 Oct 2008Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I28534
28 Horst, Ishmael  19 Jul 1988Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I80397
29 Jantzi, Iona Lovina  21 Jul 2010Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I80556
30 Kalbfleish, Barbara  27 Mar 1993Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I38858
31 Kropf, Gladys Lillian Iona  8 Apr 2011Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I30253
32 Lambier, Jennie Louise  26 Dec 1980Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I119815
33 Leis, Allen L.  24 Jun 1981Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I25958
34 Lichti, Catherine  19 Jul 2014Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I89008
35 Lichti, Solomon  30 Sep 1977Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I103454
36 Manson, Russell Mckinnon  14 Jan 1978Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I48543
37 Martin, Noah H.  28 Aug 2005Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I72177
38 Master, Alfred Emmerson  30 Nov 1978Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I753
39 Master, Donald  1932Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I3415
40 Master, Dorothy May  8 Nov 1916Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I3429
41 Master, Florence  1933Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I3416
42 Master, Gordon John  9 Jul 1995Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I3408
43 McDermott, Anna R.  19 Feb 1935Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I1544
44 McDermott, Ida May  1944Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I1517
45 McDermott, Nellie  1968Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I1538
46 McDermott, Norman  21 Nov 1954Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I1547
47 Middleton, Ivan Harris  9 Mar 2011Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I53613
48 Myers, Muriel Susan  13 Feb 2017Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I88937
49 Neeb, Bruce John  9 Sep 2008Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I77534
50 Nicoll, Alexander Sanford  1973Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I116232

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Baker, Alice M.  Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I105900
2 Barber, Robert H.  Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I110170
3 Binkly, Mildred Blanche  2 Jul 1942Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I123169
4 Borman, Peter  Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I105726
5 Bowman, Dora  Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I66508
6 Diehl, Eva Laura  Dec 1980Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I123158
7 Doherty, Ethel Mabel  30 May 1963Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I123046
8 Dunsmore, Dorothy Aileen  20 Oct 1987Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I123160
9 Erb, Earle G.  16 Oct 2004Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I27457
10 Erb, Virginia Faith  Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I62887
11 Graham, Mary Elizabeth  1957Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I123145
12 Hallman, Edith Viola  Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I27635
13 Master, Dorothy May  Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I3429
14 McDermott, Francis Earl  22 Aug 1963Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I1556
15 McDermott, Violet  Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I1558
16 Middleton, Ivan Harris  12 Mar 2011Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I53613
17 Myers, Edward  Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I91278
18 Quehl, Florence Freda  Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I30486
19 Sanderson, Rachel  Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I110171
20 Schaefer, Sophia  Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I88803
21 Scott, Ada  13 Nov 1944Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I1557
22 Shade, Mary Winnifred Henrietta  24 Mar 1936Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I116244
23 Shantz, Arden  18 Jan 2014Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I104104
24 Tremaine, Alonzo Oscar  1950Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I123144
25 Tremaine, Elmer  10 Jun 1954Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I123157
26 Tremaine, George Alonzo  15 Dec 1973Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I123159
27 Tremaine, Lynn Laura  21 Aug 2008Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I123161

Alt. Death

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Death    Person ID 
1 Erb, Earle G.  12 Oct 2004Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I27457
2 Litwiller, Milton J.  25 Sep 1978Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I26170


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID 
1 Fuller, Archibald Milton  1910-1911Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I17689


Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 C.   I82392
2 Bauman, M.B.   I28161
3 Bauman, M.B.   I28161
4 Breen, W.   I52374
5 Butler, Earl  1953Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I1543
6 Erb, Dilman Kinsey  14 Feb 1919Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I6507
7 Hall, Elizabeth  20 Feb 2018Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I89728
8 Hallman, D.G.   I27346
9 Lapp, B.A.   I70434
10 Martin, A.B.   I75982
11 Martin, A.B.   I77757
12 Martin, D.M.   I76055
13 Martin, M.B.   I28170
14 Martin, M.B.   I28170
15 Martin, S.M.   I82261
16 Martin, W.J.   I75987
17 Master, Alfred Emmerson  27 Oct 1915Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I753
18 Master, Alfred Emmerson  8 Nov 1916Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I753
19 McDermott, Florence  1953Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I1542
20 McDermott, Francis Earl  1953Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I1556
21 McDermott, Mary E.  1953Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I1540
22 McDermott, Nellie  1953Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I1538
23 Middleton, H.B.   I63728
24 Middleton, Ivan Harris  9 Mar 2011Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I53613
25 Middleton, M.R.   I53516
26 Mills, D.W.   I53515
27 Schiedel, B.G.   I63729
28 Schultz, R.   I101782
29 Shantz, B.R.   I70667
30 Snider, Minerva Hanna  1950Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I8488
31 Snider, R.   I10299
32 Snyder, J.S.   I77535
33 Stevenson, John  Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I7614
34 Triller, B.   I10300
35 Weber, B.G.   I72637
36 Wettlaufer, S.   I57441
37 Whitehouse, Georgina May  27 Oct 1915Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada I754


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Capper / Tremaine  3 Dec 1919Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada F46544
2 Deamude / Barber  15 Apr 1925Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada F41178
3 Glanfield / Wettlaufer  19 Apr 1952Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada F651
4 Hamilton / Shade  Sep 1924Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada F43713
5 Martin / Falsetto   F26945
6 Master / Burns   F1148
7 Master / Enright   F1149
8 Master / Whitehouse  27 Oct 1915Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada F338
9 Skillings / Marin   F16467
10 Snider / Graper  28 Jun 1952Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada F34200
11 Snyder / Ladouceur   F26349
12 Taylor / MacKenzie   F17410
13 Tremaine / Diehl  19 Mar 1924Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada F46548
14 Trussler / Clemens  3 Jul 1888Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada F4759
15 Walker / Tremaine  20 Jun 1925Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada F46546

Marriage License

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Marriage License    Family ID 
1 Master / Whitehouse  23 Oct 1915Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada F338


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Residence    Family ID 
1 Koch / Jantzi   F35155
2 Landers / Comley  Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada F40815
3 Schultz / Martin   F37857
4 Yantzi / Hallman   F30395
5 Zehr / Eaton   F41282

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Our study includes our ancestors and their descendants (our cousins) and our cousins' spouses and their parents. The parents of our cousins' spouses will show as "A descendant is related to Susan or Barry" and their other children will not be included unless they are connected to our family.

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