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Eaton Reunion, 1926

Community News

June, 1926

Family Reunion on Saturday, July 17th

Are You on the Great Family Chart?

Hundreds within a radius of forty miles of Hamilton will find they are in some way related. to John and Catharine Vanduzen Eaton, very old Canadian residents, for whose memory a great Centennial Picnic of family connections is being celebrated during the month of June or July.

A full list of names are on this chart - on view at the G. W. Robinson store, Hamilton. Many Stoney Creek residents are mentioned on it.

The family chart, or what is really called a tree, is kindly loaned by Mr. W. 0. Sealey, whose mother was one Mary Ann Eaton, a daughter of Daniel Eaton, John Eaton's second. son.

Mr. John Eaton was born March 16, 1773, and died. June. 18, 1837.

Catharine Vanduzen Eaton, his wife, born in Stoney Creek, Oct. 11, 1786, and died June 4, 1874.

Being the parents of thirteen. children, 77 grandchildren, 117 great grandchildren and 68 great-great-grandchildren.

The Spectator published in 1915 that with four others John Eaton purchased for eighty dollars about one and a half acres of land from Col. Robert Land for a church and burial ground, and one of the first burials was for Samuel Price. a tavern keeper, whose grave bore the date 1822. When the deed was secured the church was built at the corner of King and Wellington street, and a tablet to the memory and work of those trustees still remains in the First United Church. The Wentworth Registry Office shows records of many sales of property of Lot 33, Concession 1, of 200 acres. It is believed John Eaton, with then eleven children, moved from Saltfleet to Carlisle in 1826. Many descendants are in Burford, Brant County, Brantford, Waterloo, Philadelphia, Pa.

The original homestead of the family in 1826 was Lot 8, Concession 8, township of East Flamboro, County of Wentworth.

From descendants of Anson Eaton, oldest son of John Eaton, and his wife, Lornhama Sutton, with their family record, a sheet of paper 3 feet x 6 feet was required to embrace 275 persons, 38 of whom are dead and 237 living, nearly all in Canada. There were of this marriage eleven children, and if this is a fair average, the total list of their families would embrace 3,025 persons, 418 of whom are dead and. 2,607 still living. Then. the brother Daniel, who settled in Princeton also having eleven children, so that the two families combined later would total 6,050, of whom. 836 are dead and 5,214 still living, from which the gathering at the centennial will show five thousand at least.

Reports still flocking in state the Eaton family had a most important and worthy place in the wars of 1812-13, also 1866, as well as the great war 1914-18.

Wentworth records show that John and Catharine Vanduzen Eaton having bought Lot 33, Concession 1 in Saltfleet, adjoining the chief landing place at the beach on Dec. 30, 1809, and lived there until 1826, afterwards selling to Joseph Robertson. It was here the officers and forces were landed on their way to Stoney Creek, Queenston and other parts during the war.

John Eaton was a class leader in the Stoney Creek Methodist Church in 1817. For this gathering information is being sought by Dr. Murray Eaton, of the Wellesley Hospital, Toronto, also Mr. James Eaton, of the Bell Telephone Company staff and combined with them is Mrs. Bath Piott and Mrs. Hamilton Lee, of Stoney Creek.

Mr. Tudor Eaton, about 76 years old, and who still lives on the Carlisle Farm, says he well remembers his grandmother, Mrs. Catharine Vanduzen Eaton, and remarked she was a first cousin to Laura Secord.

Other connections bring in members of Misses Hunt and Stewart and Featherston.

Many of such name and also Vanduzen families are numerous between Hamilton, Stoney Creek and the Falls.

Other information gathered is of a Mrs. Bath Vanduzen Piott, of Stoney Creek; Mrs. Vanduzen Cox, of Wentworth St., City; Peter, Robert, Absolom, Hugh, Eliza Bell and others, of Elfrida, Freeman, Caister, etc. The one above named Peter died near London in 1818, one hundred and three years old.

The great anniversary celebration will be held on the lawn of Mr. and Mrs. Tudor Eaton on or about Saturday, the 19th or 26th of June. Decided date will be shown on the chart later. It is well worth your while coming. and inspecting this chart. No matter what your name may be, you may be connected by some link, as all the marriages and intermarriages, descendants and blood relatives appear on it, and there is the invitation for you and all your family and their families if you are in any way connected, to attend the great event, and it may unite you to relatives perhaps with fortunes that you never heard of before.

The chart will be on view on the 3rd floor of the G. W. Robinson's, James St. South.

It will be a real day's holiday at the great festival. Speechmakers only allowed three minutes; the rest of the time will be a real and jolly day's outing.

A feature of the family's early career was the tramping with oxen through Stoney Creek to the first Mount Hamilton saw mills and using nails in construction that were hand-made from old iron barrels, etc., picked up from the remains of the battle in 1812-13.

Don't wait for any informal invitation, but read over the family history at Robinson's store; then be present when the day is announced, no matter how distant your relationship may be.

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