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Eaton Reunion, 1926

Newspaper Accounts

Community News, Saltfleet Ontario; June 1926 Vol II No. 6
Toronto Star Weekly, Toronto Ontario; June 12, 1926
Spectator, Hamilton, Ontario; July 15, 1926
Toronto Daily Star, Toronto, Ontario; July 19, 1926
Free Press (probably), Hamilton, Ontario; July, 1926
Montreal Daily Star, Montreal, Quebec; August 21, 1926
Free Press, Hamilton, Ontario; September 14, 1926


Invitation to the 1928 Reunion - From Dennis Groat



On July 17th, 1926, more than 2,000 descendants of this couple gathered at the Eaton homestead for the Eaton-Van Duzen (also spelled Vanduzen, Vandusen, Van Dusen or Van Duzer) Reunion. A very busy day was planned. There was a picnic, speeches, prayer, sports events and music. In the afternoon, 32 children were baptized [including Elma Masie Freeborn, Susan's mother]. Of special interest to all was a display of a cabinet and a chest which had been brought to North America by Francis Eaton when he arrived on the Mayflower. [Note: - the Mayflower connection is probably not true]

At Carlisle Cemetery, lines of purple ribbon led from the Founders' monument to the graves of all direct descents buried there. At a special ceremony, a bronze plaque was unveiled in honour of John and Catherine Eaton.

In the evening, guests gathered at the Tudor Eaton farm on Centre Road near Progreston Road. A stage had been built for the occasion so that everyone could enjoy the entertainment. The final event of the day was a gathering around a huge bonfire of pine knots.

It was a wonderful way to celebrate this pioneer family's 100 years in Carlisle. In 1926, it was estimated that John and Catherine Eaton had 2,622 descendants.

From Carlisle Beginnings by Dorothy Turcotte, 1994

Original Handmade Sign for the Eaton Reunion, 1926

The sign measures 22 inches by 9.5 inches.
With thanks to Dennis Groat whose mother Florence Martha Eaton
was secretary for the reunion.

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October 21, 2023