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History of Craigvale and Stroud

Alice's Diary

7 Jan 1903 (Wed) Mr John Leonard died this eve at 8 o'clock

9 Jan 1903 (Fri.) Mr Leonards funeral, large turnout, although very rough. Very stormy.

9 Jan 1903 Mr Jos Palmer died this morning. Father went down.

10 Jan 1903 (Sat) Very cold. Olive came up so we fixed up the little house & the funeral came up. Mr Ben Palmer & Father stayed up & the rest came down here.

11 Jan 1903 (Sun) Very cold and stormy. Funeral at 10 am. Geo.[Young] drove Mrs Palmer & two sisters to Allandale to go home.

4 Feb 1903 (Wed) Men went to funeral of Mrs Brown.

04 Feb 1903 Another child of Mr Edd Webbs died, poor things.

25 Apr 1904 (Mon.) Funeral of Mrs W Leonard.

4 May 1904 (Wed) Funeral of J Reynolds who was killed on the railroad, very large funeral too.

10 May 1904 (Tue.) Uncle George [Geo. A Maneer] came to fix the pump. All well.

11 May 1904 (Wed) Grandma & Aunt Ellen went to see Mr Nightingale

12 May 1904 (Thur) Mr Nightingale died this evening.

24 May 1904 (Tue.) Grandma & Aunt Fanny went to see Uncle Joe Young who is very feeble. Aunt Ellen came back.

29 May 1904 (Sun) Baby Boy born at 2 o'clock. All pretty well. George & Alice Rebecca Young's son, Murray [lived 4 mths]

1 Jun 1904 (Wed) Funeral of Gord Birnie.

2 Jun 1904 (Thur.) George [Young] helped Jim Latimore move barn.

13 Sep 1904 Fred Orchard was buried

23 Sep 1904 How can I write what happened on this day, our dear little Murray was taken away from us.

4 Dec 1904 A sad year for George [Young] and Alice [Maneer], losing two children in less than three months: Murray Young, b:29 May 1904 - d:23 Sep 1904, 4m; Lisle - Bertha Lisle Young, 23 Apr 1894-4 Dec 1904, 10y

1 Jan 1905 New Years day. We are very lonely, just four weeks today since dear little Lisle went from us.

25 Jan 1905 all day and Ross was defeated and Whitney was elected.

27 Jan 1905 Geo. took Ballot Box to Thornton and got back about 2 o'clock.

27 Jan 1905 Old Mrs Sheppard died

4 Mar 1905 (Sat) It seems like six months instead of three since dear little Lisle left us. Oh how we do miss her, every day, every hour, all the time she is in my mind. I try not to let the others know but it is hard to be cheerful all the time.

9 Mar 1905 (Thur.) - Things are quiet till evening and then we went to the hall, Grange Meeting. There was a debate Dissolved [sic] that Single Life is preferable to Married Life with E Webb & J Latimer as captains and Mrs W Young & Mrs W Goodfellow as critics. Married side won by one point.

25 Mar 1905 (Sat) purchased the Reynolds estate so there will be a change around here this fall. I expect they will move to Stroud and we shall move across the road. I would rather have gone farther away from the scene of so much sorrow but fate has decreed it otherwise so it must be all right. I am indisposed. [pregnant]

23 Apr 1905 (Sun) Easter Sunday. Nice bright and a birthday to be spent in a happy home above. We must not be so sad, but the recollections of other birthdays makes us long to clasp the hand of that precious one. [Lisle]

24 May 1905 (Wed) Victoria day. We went to funeral of J W Sprouls baby.

-From, Alice R (Maneer) Young's diary (Contributed by Mary Greeley)
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This section contains material collected by Jeanne Groce about the history of Stroud and Craigvale. It contains "information collected from libraries, books, newspapers, the Centennial History of Innisfil, Historical Revue, word of mouth, and anywhere else I could find it." Reference to the source of the material is given where possible.


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