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History of Craigvale and Stroud

Prior to 1850
The 1850's
The 1860's
School History
Alice's Diary

Railway History
Church History
Death and Burial in the Olden Days
The 1870's and 1880's
More Modern Times

All that is left of Craigvale is a sign on a post, right beside the railway tracks..... Craigvale Lane. It is a defunct hamlet just east of Stroud (Stroud's first name was Myers Corners circa 1833, then Victoria in the '40s and finally Stroud about 1880...and now part of the Town of Innisfil).

Craigvale was a necessary rail station during the age of steam for Stroud and surrounding Innisfil Township. Many of the Reynolds family members belonged to Lodges in the area. Some belonged to Craigvale Orange Lodge. Since there were a number of Orange Lodges in Innisfil Twp, membership in Craigvale Orange Lodge would reflect both proximity and a railway connection. (Some also belonged to the Masonic Minerva Lodge in Stroud).

Samuel Maneer, was a member of the Masonic Lodge. His burial service was conducted by the Masons. All the children of Charles Reynolds, and Elizabeth (nee Maneer), were born in Craigvale. Charles was the son of Henry, 1800, and his wife, Mary (nee Reynold).

This section contains material collected by Jeanne Groce about the history of Stroud and Craigvale. It contains "information collected from libraries, books, newspapers, the Centennial History of Innisfil, Historical Revue, word of mouth, and anywhere else I could find it." Reference to the source of the material is given where possible.

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October 21, 2023