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William Henry O. Lake

Sunday School Papers Etc.

Lessons in Carpentry

Make a Cross

1st one - out of shape because no plans - use only wood, nails, hammer, saw - not enough tools.

2nd one - good one - have plans and enough tools - wood, nails, hammer, saw, pencil, square and rule.

3rd one - good one - made at home on a power saw - lap joint.

Make Your Life

You must be willing same as wood used on crosses.

Tools to Make a Good Life:

You can make a life with small amount of tools - likely to turn out like crooked cross.

Wood - You

Plans - Bible - everything there to show you how to make a good life.

Pencil - Jesus

Square - Conscience - Voice of Holy Spirit - Voice of Jesus

Hammer - Those who teach us - Minister - Mom - Dad - Sunday School Teacher. A hammer has two ends. One end puts things together [and the] other takes apart. Teachers same - if you don't listen to those who teach good things to build your life [then] you will listen to those who will take it apart.

Saw - Will Power

Measuring Rule - 10 commandments or 11?

We need all of the tools. When your life is through you will be able to present God with a life which is straight and true like this straight cross and not like the other one.

Other Tools

Prayer - Good Music - Good Books - Good People for Friends - Good Pictures (slides, wall pictures, movies)

Faith - Example

[When you] came in and sat down on chairs without testing them first [this] showed that [you] were sure [the] chairs were strong enough to hold [you]. We must be sure (the same way) that what Jesus & God has put in the Bible will make the best life. As teachers [and the] church etc. explain the Bible to you your faith increases just as the hammer drives the nail deeper and deeper.

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October 21, 2023