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Henry Key

Documents in the Possession of Henry Key

Documents and Papers


Papers Pertaining to Henry's Official Roles

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Papers believed to have been held by Henry Key as a result of his positions as Township Clerk, Assessor, and Justice of the Peace in Oakland Township, County of Brant, Ontario, Canada. They do not appear to be related to Henry's personal affairs.

Henry and Catharine's Personal Papers



1 Mar 1845

Lease - Maria Wilkins to George Key

25 Oct. 1852

Indenture - Between William Grenville Reynolds and Michael D. Kennedy

1 Apr 1856

Release & Discharge - Joseph Banks to Barbara Key and John Key

2 Feb. 1857

Mortgage - Maitland Fisher to William Pinkham

9 Oct. 1865

William Pinkham, Plaintiff

25 Jan. 1866

Final Order of Foreclosure

26 Aug 1872

Will - William Granvill Reynolds

15 Feb. 1882

Mortgage - James Stewart To Henry Key

15 Feb. 1882

Request to Convey Re Reynolds

5 Sept. 1883

Notice of Exercising Power of Sale

4 Oct. 1883

Summons re Mortgage - Defendants: Henry Key and Catharine Reynolds

1 April 1884


6 Nov. 1888

Letter - To Henry Key From Charles W. Brown

30 Nov. 1888

Farm Lease - Maria L. Downs to Henry Key

11 Mar. 1889

Fire Insurance Receipt

26 Nov 1889

Tax Receipt for Mrs. (Waugh) Reynolds

12 Oct 1891

Release of Guardian - Barbara Ellen Key and Mary Alice Key

12 Oct 1891

Release - Mary Alice Key

8 Dec. 1893

Affidavit for Marriage License - William Key and Esther Chater

30 Mar. 1897

Agreement for Sale of Land - William Key

22 Dec. 1897

Affidavit for Marriage License - James Alton Key and Adelaide Hoffman

21 Jan 1901

Lease - Henry Key

5 June 1901

Agreement - Henry Key to H. D. Burgess

7 Sept. 1904

Agreement - Sarah S. Pinkham and Minerva Milton re Sale of Property

30 Jan 1908

Agreement - Gordon Pinkham to Wm Pinkham

12 - 26 July 1909

Expenses Etc. - Estate of John Key

29 Apr 1910

Deed of Land - James H. Taylor

2 May 1910

Letter - To Henry Key From C. W. Pinkham

18 - 21 June 1910

Letters Concerning Title of Sarah Pinkham's Property

28 June 1910

Letter to Henry Key From Sarah Pinkham

13 July 1910

Letter to Henry Key From W. Pinkham

29 July 1910

Letter to Henry Key From Wintie Pinkham

27 Jan 1911

Letters in an envelope to Mrs. Henry Key

16 Oct 1911

Offer to Purchase - L. S. Fenwick to James Taylor

3 Aug 1916

Release - Sarah Seville Pinkham et al to Henry Key

21 Aug 1916

Letter to Henry Key From George B. Key (day before George's death)

11 Oct 1916

Letters re Estate of Mrs. Esther (Chater) Key

24 June 1925

Brantford General Hospital - Miss Margaret Lake

1 Feb 1926

Letter re Real Estate - James Taylor

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